Dian Ceseña began photographing medium format in 2002 and now works with both film and digital.

She loves the desert, vintage clothes and French baguettes. Dian is also an IKYTA certified level 1

Kundalini Yoga teacher, Conscious Pregnancy & Khalsa Way certified prenatal

and postnatal teacher and currently working on her doula certification.

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Gentry Smith began crafting digital, surrealist imagery in 1996. As a writer/director (reel) he created

the web series Dark Life and short films The Farmer's Daughter and the award-winning horror/comedy Unwelcome. Gentry loves the ocean and kid's movies, and he still buys CDs from Amoeba.

He is also a practiced Tarot reader, in the process of creating his own original deck.

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Dian and Gentry live in Los Angeles with their cats Daigoro and the Countess Meow Meow,

plus the occasional ghost that follows them home.


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